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Below are a selection of links for further reading related to Judith's life story and Holocaust education.

Life Story Links

On Kristallnacht she remembers her mother squeezing her hand as they ran through the streets smelling the burning buildings and books, and hearing the sounds of windows crashing and breaking.

Holocaust Encyclopedia: Kristallnacht

Judith's mother was picked up by the police, taken to Ravensbrück concentration camp and never seen again.

Memorial Museum Ravensbrück

Holocaust Encyclopedia: Ravensbrück

She remembered using green soap, only to be told later that it was manufactured from the marrow of Jews.

Jewish Virtual Library: The Soap Myth

Judith joined the Haganah, the underground group fighting for Israeli independence.

Jewish Virtual Library: The Haganah

In early 1941, Judith and her younger brother returned from school to find her mom and grandmother sewing yellow stars on all of their clothing.

Holocaust Encyclopedia: Jewish Badge - During The Nazi Era

She became a member of the German youth groups and marched with the class, saluting "Heil Hitler."

Holocaust Encyclopedia: Indoctrinating Youth

In May 1945, Judith began to hear about the concentration camps and the rumors of masses of Jewish deaths.

Holocaust Encyclopedia: Liberation of Nazi Camps

Judith Dim Evans

Judith took part in a panel discussion at the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina in 2014. You can listen to a recording of the discussion on the JHSSC website.

Judith spoke to Aiken Women magazine about her life and experiences in 2013. You can read her interview on pages 14 & 15 of the magazine here.

Judith gave a talk entitled "Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor" for Interfaith Harmony Month at USC Aiken in January 2020. You can read a report on Judith's talk from the Aiken Standard here.

Fox54's report on the event can be seen here.

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